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1.custom wave ski's

2. board covers

3. lap belts and covers

4.quad belt and covers

5. custom wave ski fins

6. travel bags

7. back packs

8. single paddle covers

9. double paddle covers

10. foot straps

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Piranha wave ski designs was created by John Moyle in 1994 in  Bunbury  West Australia .being a wave ski tragic started designing and shaping his own skis which went on to win the state b grade title,then he started shaping ski's for he mates .

john having a panel beating and spray painting back ground pick up the shaping skill on which he when on to a surfboard shaper to see if  what they thought  to his amazement was offered there shaping bay to use while there he crafted the skill of laying up  glassing boards he also learning the skill of painting boards the traditional way as well as painting  the finished board .john disappeared for 12 years to set up a family business and came back to the sport he loved and when he came back there was no longer a wave ski shaper in western Australia ,so after some thought he decided to design and test some ski's so over the 3 years he build himself 4 ski's he tryed and tested until till he was happy with the shape and performance .then decided to offer the ski's to the public .

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